Les Amoureux Paris 1946 Photo: Jean-Philippe Charbonnier

Les Amoureux Paris 1946 Photo: Jean-Philippe Charbonnier

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My Story

When a person whom you liked, loved and admired suddenly walks out of your life…

It was inevitable and I saw it coming but not so soon, yet it happened, sooner than I foresaw. With one last look she walked out shutting me out from her life forever…

None of us had a control over the situation and I was simply a victim of my thoughts. But… no sage I believe could have prevented falling in love… It always had to happen with a wrong person, wrong place at a wrong time. The irony was that it always happened to me and life never allowed me to learn a lesson from the past…

I aimed for a star in the sky just being a pebble on the ground… I dreamed of reaching that beautiful star not realizing the impossibility. There was no way I could stop myself… She was beautiful, her eyes spoke more than words did… they were oceans of emotions filed with love, care, desire and all emotions a human person could feel.

I remember how she looked at me. I thought I was the only person existed in her world. It was not gravity that held me to this planet, it was her…But I was wrong.

Today she is no more in my life. Looking back sometimes I think I should have been a better judge but the other times I’m just happy that I knew such a wonderful human…

She walked out, but she took a piece of my heart, leaving my love to die cold and bleeding. But that love never died… It just lived to love her over and over again. It was eternal, I had immortalized her to be the queen of my heart.

I took the first bite… piercing her neck… draining the mortal until she collapsed into a heap of bones. The temptation was too much to resist… With the last taste I hid the dead and fled to return for the next… Night air carried the delicious smell of the fresh human blood that satisfied the wildest hunger I felt tonight… 

Night was the woman

I always knew that night was the most beautiful time of the day, and I needed no more proof upon looking at the star dusted sky tonight. The uneven spread of the celestial beings of the sky popped out at the fall of dusk creating a fine contrast against the purple hues of the twilight sky, recreating Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” The faint glow of the fireflies blinking in the backdrop complemented the starry heaven by bringing the breathtaking beauty down to earth. 

On random spots of the dark blanket shown the stars with blue and green glow. I’m not sure whether the sight was real or it was yet another one of the many mirages my mind painted in its act of seduction, not to mention that my mind always had a will of its own.

Tonight the nature clearly betrayed the precinct beauty it had shrouded from the treacherous eyes and vulgar minds. If one had taken a moment to penetrate through the dark silhouette, the unmistakable element of the mystical beauty would have been hard to miss. Men would have been fools to let go of the rare gift of beauty bestowed upon them for the mere purpose of enjoyment. How could someone not throw a lustful glare at such an unblemished sight?

In a moment of personification I saw the night as a woman who had saved herself for her White Knight  with cerulean eyes and dark locks on a silver stallion, to come and take her to the far away lands of love.

Had I been that man I would spend my days discovering and rediscovering that beauty in million possible ways. I would kiss her blood red lips and take her gift of innocence and purity tenderly and reverently, placing it in the chalice of eternal love. We would make love to each other  savoring each others bodies as if there was no tomorrow. Every moment of coupling and the sensual pleasures enjoyed would be worth more than all the diamond and pearls. That was my love for the night.

The thoughts generated by the beauty was absolute joy forever to reminisce and a fine momentary deviation from the problems ahead pulling them out of the mind that was already shaken.

It was love that brought us together and it was my love that let her go…